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  Beth Ellyn Rosenthal
TMA Test

Fortunately, I've always been blessed with wonderful hair. But my work has led me to a new crusade: to help women who are losing their hair totally reverse the problem. It's a wonderful job to make a difference in those lives because I can fix females. I just wish I could find a miracle solution for men!

Here's my story:
I've always been a writer. In high school in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, I won back stage passes to a Crosby Still and Nash concert. The story I wrote for the school newspaper won a national high school writing award. That helped me get into Yale, where I graduated in the second class of women to attend all four years (1974.) Then, I earned a Master's Degree in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in the City of New York (1975). I stayed in the Big Apple and wrote a book for the United Nations and did free-lance science writing for the New York Daily News Sunday magazine, before I was sent to Dallas, Texas by a computer in 1978.

After a stint as the Food Editor of the Dallas Times Herald (God rest its soul), I struck out as a free-lance writer. In 1990 Dr. David Watts, a physician with a PhD in nutrition, approached me to ghost write his book: a highly scientific tome discussing how the causes of diseases are based on trace element imbalances. This book was designed to be written by a doctor for doctors. The book, Trace Elements and Other Essential Nutrients, came out in 1991 and is in its second printing.

In the process of writing this book, I had my first Tissue Mineral Analysis from the federally licensed clinical lab Dr. Watts owns. The report changed my life. I was toxic with calcium, which caused not my adult weight gain but a severe cause of osteoporosis (My molars fell out and had to be grafted back to my jaw.) Yet in 13 months, following the eating plan religiously, I lost four inches off each thigh eating five small meals a day!

My weight loss success caused my friends to want a TMA test, too. In 1993 I started Meltdown International, which I incorporated in 1994. I've been selling TMA tests and doing nutritional consulting full time since 1995.

Along the way, I discovered a new fact: My females customers who were toxic with calcium or copper or deficient in sodium were losing their hair! Dr. Watts began researching the problem. He concluded that three nutrient ratios were the root of the female hair loss problem. After working with these customers, I learned they could not only stop their hair loss, but reverse it ... if they were diligent about following the eating plan in their reports.

Since then, my company has taken on a new focus. We have one goal: to be No. 1 resource for the female hair loss solution on the Net. Please spread the word!

Beth Ellyn

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