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  Calcium and Magnesium
  Believe it or not, most women have excess calcium in   their tissues, at least in relation to magnesium. Eating   too much sugar is one of the major reasons for this   calcium imbalance.

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  The Confusion About Calcium

  Talk to any AMA doctor. Read any magazine or newspaper. I'll bet all the money at the blackjack tables in Las   Vegas the sage advice reads: Women, swalloweth those calcium tablets daily to keep your bones healthy and   strong. Fifteen hundred milligrams a day will keep the casts away, according to the guidelines issued by the
  August National Institutes of Health.

  In my research, this is the WORST advice anyone, male or female, could receive.

After studying TMA test results since 1991, I can tell you up to 62% of my customers have a calcium utilization disorder. Their bodies cannot absorb the calcium they swallow. For them, swallowing calcium supplements not only wastes their money. It makes them believe they are really doing something to protect their bones, when, it fact, it can hasten the osteoporotic process.

  And it can cause your hair to fall out!

  How do you know if you have a calcium absorption disorder? My lab can tell you exactly. But if you want to   do some free research before sending me greenbacks, answer this question: How much sugar and   aspartame do I eat each day?

  If you answered the question honestly, you'll have a fairly accurate answer. If your sugar consumption is out of   control, you probably have a calcium absorption problem. Yes, my friends, those diet soft drinks and those   Famous Amos cookies (in my case, chocolate mousse cake and fresh cherry pie) are making us prime   candidates for osteoporosis AND hair loss.

  Too much sugar, you see, can cause insulin resistance. I'll skip the chemistry class, but here's the result. If   you eat too much sugar, your insulin levels become too high in your body. One very bad result of too much insulin:   the substance literally robs your bones of their calcium. That's right. It pulls healthy bone material out of your   limbs and deposits it in your soft tissues.

  And you know what else too much insulin does? It prohibits your bones from absorbing those calcium   supplements you're swallowing. Ditto for the calcium in the milk and cheese you're consuming. Since the   calcium can't go into your bones, where it is sorely needed, it ends up in your soft tissues, where it can even cause   harm.

  So, if you take a calcium supplement and wash it down with a diet soft drink, or have a glass of Merlot (my fav) with   your meal, forget about any calcium absorption. (I'm picking on soft drinks because aspartame acts just like sugar   when it comes to insulin reactions. Saccharin is the only sweetener that is OK).

  How do I know this? I see it every day in my work. Calcium levels are the first thing my lab tests in a   Tissue Mineral Analysis. Normal levels of calcium are 26 to 46 parts per million. My tissue calcium levels   have topped 248. I've seen readings as high as 900.

  Eight 4-Star Tips for Controlling Calcium
  Stop drinking sodas or eating baked goods and highly processed foods.
All three contain high levels of phosphorus. Too much phosphorus prevents the proper assimilation of new calcium into bone tissue.

  Cut your sugar consumption radically. This includes the artificial sweetener aspartame.
As well as all liquor, including wine. When you eat too much sugar, your body becomes insulin resistant. This means your pancreas constantly secretes insulin, even at inappropriate times. Too much insulin interferes with calcium absorption.

  Lower your fat intake.
Excess fat reduces the body's ability to use calcium.

  Reduce your estrogen levels and/or increase your progesterone levels.
The best way to right your progesterone levels is to eat foods high in zinc and low in copper. Sound familiar? This will also help your hair loss efforts.

  We women aren't acidic enough!
No joke. The British Medical Journal reported that gastric hydrochloric acid helps the absorption of dietary calcium. I now take 10 grains (about 750 milligrams) of HCL with every meal.

  Don't drink chlorinated water.
Chlorine is a calcium antagonist. Drink bottled water if you can afford it. Or, pour tap water into a pitcher and place it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The chlorine will dissipate in that time.

  Use laxatives, diuretics, antacids and cortisone treatments as little as possible.
Yup, they keep your body from absorbing calcium properly.

  Don't smoke.

Restore a balanced calcium/magnesium ratio and you'll be on your way to a fuller head of hair.
Find out if a calcium/magnesium imbalance is contributing to your hair loss!

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