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  Copper toxicity and low zinc levels are primary causes   of hair loss. The correct ratio is vital for hair growth!

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  Judging from the hundreds of TMAs I've seen in the last five years, American and European woman are   overloaded with copper.

  Causes of Copper Toxicity  
  Birth Control
Copper is a primary component of The Pill because it helps control the ovulation cycle. Also, some IUDs are made of copper. You may be using one of these forms of birth control. If your mother did, then you might have been born with too much copper. And now you're adding more. Which means your system may have much more copper than it needs.

  Copper Pipes and Pots
Copper from pipes and pots is leached into drinking water and food.

  Swimming Pools
If you have a swimming pool, the green algicide you use is pure copper!
  Symptoms of Copper Toxicity

  Frontal headaches
  Emotional volatility
  Weight gain
  Food cravings

  High Copper Foods -- Avoid These
  These foods have a high copper to zinc ratio.

  Baker's yeast
  Bran flakes
  Brazil nuts
Peanut butter
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds

  I know you'll have no trouble living without liver, but chocolate, lobster, mushrooms and grapes? Sigh.

  High Zinc Foods -- Eat More of These

  Pumpkin seeds
  Oysters and other shellfish
  Wheat germ
  Lean Meats

  Zinc is one of the controlling nutrients for progesterone production. The old wives' tale about oysters being a great   aphrodisiac is scientifically correct because oysters are loaded with zinc.

  Lean protein is great for zinc absorption. Lean protein includes lean meat (top round, not greasy hamburgers), lean   pork, chicken and turkey (without skin), fish, shellfish and eggs. If you are a vegetarian and suffer from PMS, you   might want to start eating protein two days before PMS is scheduled to begin and then stop when your period   begins.

Restore a balanced copper/zinc ratio and you'll be on your way to a fuller head of hair.
Find out if a copper/zinc imbalance is contributing to your hair loss!

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The Solution | Copper/Zinc | Calcium/Magnesium | Sodium/Potassium | Incredible TMA | TMA Faq's | Free TMA Kit

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