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  Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA)
  Your personal road map to health and well-being. This   comprehensive report is performed by only 14 federally   licensed, clinical laboratories in America.

TMA Test

  This report will explain in detail:
  • Which of your minerals ratios is out of balance.
  • The best foods for you and when you should eat them.
  • The supplements that will help balance your mineral ratios.
  The TMA Report

A TMA report is a 10 to 30 page document. Your physical condition determines its length.

  • The first section is the comprehensive graph, which charts 35 nutrients and six toxic metals. You can see at a glance exactly where you stand. Take a look at my TMA chart now.

  • The second section of the report describes your metabolic type (slow or fast) and the function level of your thyroid and adrenal glands. Next, the report describes those nutrient minerals that are out of balance. It discusses what diseases and other terrible conditions might occur if you ignore the findings and press on as before.My TMA showed that I had toxic levels of arsenic, mercury and aluminum. Many people have toxic metals in their systems and have no clue because there are no symptoms. They would never know it without a TMA.

  • The third section contains your eating plan. My TMA included three full pages of foods that could hurt me as well as three complete pages of foods that I need to eat more of.

  • The fourth and final section explains what you can do to turbo charge your progress. This section lists the vitamins and nutrient supplements you need to use to balance your mineral ratios. It will also detail the best time to take them.

  Special Doctor's Report

Your first TMA includes a special report prepared by an endocrinologist who also has a Ph.D. in nutrition. You will see, in alphabetical order, the diseases your body is predisposed to based on the imbalances shown by your TMA.

  How the TMA will help you

  • You will know exactly what your body needs. It is better to take NO vitamins than to take the wrong ones. A TMA lists only the vitamins you should take. There is an added benefit -- you'll save money by not taking a lot of supplements you don't need!
  • You'll know when you need your supplements.Timing is important. Some vitamins have a sedative effect on the body; others are stimulating. Sedative vitamins are the most effective at night; stimulating ones are best for the morning when you may need some get up and go. The TMA tells you the what you need and when you need it to maximize your progress.

The TMA report is good for 90 days, whether you follow the guidelines or not. During that time, if you follow the guidelines and DON'T CHEAT, your body will make remarkable progress. After 90 days, you can retest and fine tune your eating plan and supplement regimen to address your current mineral level needs.

I have been having a TMA every quarter since 1991. No two have EVER been alike. This is especially true of the vitamin recommendations. I have never had to take the same combination of vitamins from one test to another. Your body is constantly changing and so are its needs.

  Send No Money Now

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You're probably wondering how much you have to invest in the TMA test that can help you start growing hair again. The first test is only $150US.

With your order, you will receive all of the following:
  • The full TMA test report
  • The Special Doctor's Report
  • One year of consulting (I hold your hand every step of the way)
  • A Free Gift worth up to $35. (You have a choice of high-quality nutritional products or my book when you receive your free TMA kit.)
  Want to know more about the TMA? Read the TMA FAQs now.
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